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Flag Day

Today we honor a symbol of America.
To many this flag is seen as a symbol of hope, a symbol of victory, retribution, and of course freedom. 

In recent years traveling our country I always loved the fact I could drive for days and still see our flag flying over all the iconic American destinations, and different terrain, hoisted up by a variety of people all of different cultures and beliefs united under one idea. That we can live free. That we can choose our destiny.

Over the years I’ve visited many countries and have seen our flag flying high over our Embassies, a steady witness to diplomacy and international partnerships, and I have also seen our flag flying in places that wish us harm, a defiant statement to our enemies that we will not be shaken or dismayed.

This flag has been on the moon, in the sea, on the Arctic poles and various expeditions a testament to the American spirit.

Sadly, some would see this flag as a symbol of oppression and hatred. The reality is this flag does not represent the evils that have come deceptively under it, nor does it represent our government, no matter how good or bad they may be.

This flag represents you. It represents me. It represents us. United under one idea. That we can be free. That we can change our situation and that our children can live in a better World. The flag is a reminder to any oppressive force that they face free people and free people do not bend easily. 

This flag is a reminder that we can throw off tyranny foreign or domestic because again, the people are the flag, not any government. We must unite under it, embody her spirit and remember all the sacrifices made for what she represents. We cannot let that go. We must remember how far we have come. 

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Father's Day

"An almost perfect relationship with his father was the earthly root of all his wisdom."

- C.S. Lewis

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